Equate Personal Lubricant


EQUATE Personal Lubricant JellyReducing Friction During IntercourseEquate Personal Lubricant Jelly is the generic version of KY Jelly. Equate is cheaper and just as effective. Equate Personal Lubricant is water-based so it is safe to use with condoms. It is not greasy and has no scent. This product to be effective in reducing friction during interc..

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Equate Vagicaine


EQUATE VagicaineRelief From Painful, Burning ItchINSTANT, LONG-LASTING RELIEF FROM INTENSE ITCHInstant, Long-Lasting Relief From Painful, Burning Itch. Vitamin Enriched with E, A & D plus Aloe Soothes Wetness-Irritated Skin, Even Urine Irritation Painful, burning external feminine itch can be caused by: Taking antibiotics Wearing a damp bathing..


Hersolution Gel


Goodbye Vaginal Dryness...Hello Orgasm!Girls...Lets Make Sex Fun Again!INSTANT PLEASURE WITH A SAFE, NATURAL AND DOCTOR-APPROVED GEL!You know that feeling when you're kissing someone you desire with all your being?So much so, in fact, that your brain produces dopamine, for feelings of intense euphoria that make you lose track of time and reality?De..



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Go from So-So to Sensational, from Zero to WowDoctor Approved Water Based All Natural Lubricant And Sex Enhancer For Those Special Moments!INSTANT AROUSAL GEL, THE INTENSIFIES DESIRE & HEIGHTENS SENSATIONS...Nothing kills the mood faster than vaginal dryness. Yet you can't THINK yourself wet. Every woman knows – the more you TRY to feel ar..

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